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OUR unique approach:

strategy meets creativity

You want a brand identity that gets your dream clients thinking “She’s the one for me! I want to work with her!”.

And you've come to the right place because this is just our specialty. We uncover all those things that make you different and unique (even the ones you don’t consider that special), and work our design magic to convert them into a magnetic brand look that results in great brand recognition and long-term customer loyalty.

Here at studio Estrella Design we    love partnering with female founders who are                              


 about their business.



reaching for the stars

We believe in brands that tell a story and don’t end at just 

"a pretty logo".

To help you propel your business into a star-status brand that creates a lasting impact, you need visual solutions that bring out to the surface the unique value you provide — i.e. the very thing that makes you special. And because a logo just doesn’t cut it, we provide you with intentional and emotive branding that successfully captures and tells your brand’s story.

we make sure to add that “good vibes” type of feeling to your brand for an imminent emotional bond with your dream clients.

how we can work together

Holistic and intentional design that sets you up 

for success.

We help you transform your business into a one-of-a-kind brand that becomes the go-to choice in your industry. And we do it strategically.

brand + web design

A comprehensive brand overhaul that builds your brand from the ground up. You get everything crafted for you in one go — a unique brand identity AND its very own online home. Estrella’s websites are user-friendly, conversion-minded and completely aligned with your business’s unique goals and needs. In just a matter of weeks, you’ll be ready to launch your brand with a bang!

brand identity design

An extensive brand build-out that equips you with custom visuals for your business’s goals and needs. It goes to the core of your brand and transforms your story into a stylish and functional identity that allows YOUR people to see YOU as the EXPERT you truly are. This offer is ideal for emerging businesses who are looking to (re)define their market presence.

brand strategy

This 1:1 strategy intensive unearths your business essence, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their problems, as well as your unique position in the market that makes you the best solution for them. Our clients often say that we manage to put into words things they couldn't even express, almost as if we read their mind. Maybe we did.

"is it time for a rebrand" is here!

Not sure if you're ready for a rebrand?

I’ve got you covered, friend! Custom branding is one of the most important investments for the long-term success of your business. BUT you need to be 100% sure about going forward with it. So I’m offering you this 10-page value-packed FREE resource that will help you evaluate how aligned you feel with your current branding, and whether or not it’s time for an upgrade.

your partner in branding

Founder, lead creative, visionary

Hey, I'm Vennie!

I’m known for my unparalleled creativity, attention to detail and having one too many coffees a day! Refined typography (Yay for type customisations!), designs that are full-of-meaning, and my ability to go straight to your mind (and read it!) are just some of the special things that come in handy during our time working together.

I thrive when partnering up with businesses with purpose and heart. And you can rely on me to be your hype girl from ideation to launch day!

kind words

"Vennie is an amazing and creative soul that knows exactly what you need even if you don’t know it yet. Her designs speak to my soul and the souls of my clients, and that is something I have never found anywhere else. My brand and clients have completely changed for the better, and she helped me believe in myself and everything that I AM when I really needed that push. "

melissa maiz

"Working with Vennie was an absolute dream. From our very first conversations she was able to take a simple idea and transform it into reality. Her regular updates made everything crystal clear. I was sad when the project came to a finish. I will 100% work with her again in the future!"

james green events

"I've had the good fortune to work with Vennie on the rebrand of my business, and she exceeded all my expectations. Her creativity and talent brought to life a vision I wasn't able even to imagine. A perfect reflection of my brand and business. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and passionate professional. She is the real star here!"


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